Friday, July 31, 2009


Flash movie by Annick Vanderschelden 2009
Music by Aaron Dunn Sonata No.1. Instrument: Piano.
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Depth-of-field calculator

In the Canon Professional Newsletter (CPN) July 2009 you can find a technical article titled Tools: Depth-of-field calculator

It defines briefly the depth-of-field concept and how the former can be applied in photography. For example isolating a subject through a shallow depth-of-field. Furthermore it deals with the variables you need to take into account when calculating the depth-of-field such as the Circle of confusion. The Circle of confusion represents the largest blurred circle that can still be clearly defined by the human eye from a given distance.
Some assumptions were made to develop the calculator.

About the calculator...
You can select your EOS Canon camera, fill in the focal length, select the f-stop and finally the focus distance. The calculator will immediately tell you the 'Near limit of focus', the 'Far limit of focus', the 'Total depth-of-field' and the 'Hyperfocal distance'.

Example 1:
I'm shooting a lion somewhere in Africa with my 400mm, the distance between the lion is more or less 15 metres, the aperture is 2,8 and the body is a EOS 1D-MarkIII.
So the Depth-of-Field calculator says:
Near limit of focus: 14,9 m
Far limit of focus: 15,1 m
Total depth-of-field: 0,23m
Hyperfocal distance: 1905,2m.
The conclusion might be that the Total depth-of-field is too shallow here and it would be recommended to have a smaller aperture. For example f/5,6 generates 0,46 metres and f/8 0,66 meters.
Notice that the hyperfocal distance is 1905,2 metres; focus at 952,6 metres and things are sharp between 952,6 metres and infinity.

Example 2:
A 350D body with a zoom lens at focal length 22 mm and the aperture is f/8. The subject distance is 4 meters.
Depth-of Field calculator:
Near limit-of-focus: 1.78m
Far limit of focus: Infinity
Total Depth-of-Field: Infinite
Hyperfocal distance: 3,21 metres.
So everything between 1,605 metres and infinity will be sharp here.

Example 3:
I'm photographing a small bird such as a weaver approximately 4 meters away with a 400mm lens at an aperture f/2,8. This will generate a Total depth-of-field of 0,01 meter.
Through this calculator you'll quickly see that for example f/8 @ 6 meters is much better as you'll 0,08 meter room which will result in a sharper bird overall.

In my opinion this Depth-of-Field Calculator tool is a very useful and efficient tool as it just gives you an idea of the amount of depth-of-field you will have in certain situations.

Threaded view TrekNature forums Depth-of-field calculator.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


In jackal society the social unit is that of a monogamous pair which defends its territory from other pairs. These territories are defended by vigorously chasing intruding rivals and marking landmarks around the territory with urine and feces. The territory may be large enough to hold some young adults who stay with their parents until they establish their own territory. Jackals may occasionally assemble in small packs, for example to scavenge a carcass, but normally hunt alone or as a pair.
This animal, a Black-backed jackal is photographed in Etosha National park, Namibia. More specifically in Okaukuejo Rest Camp at the waterhole. December 2008. Capture time: 18:10.
Photo is a crop and a resized version of the original file.
Developed in Lightroom 2.0 and Photoshop CS4.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oryx gazella

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The gemsbok or gemsbuck(Oryx gazella) is a large African antelope, of the Oryx genus. The name is derived from the Dutch name of the male chamois, Gemsbok. Although there are some superficial similarities in appearance(especially in the colour of the face area), the chamois and the oryx are not closely related.
Photo is captured in Etosha National Park, Namibia. In December 2008.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jurgen Van Den Broeck

Jurgen Van Den Broeck
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Jurgen Van Den Broeck (born February 1, 1983 in Herentals) is a Belgian professional road bicycle racer for UCI ProTeam Silence-Lotto.Wikipedia.

Etosha landscape

Etosha National Park is a national park in the Kunene Region of northwestern Namibia.. From wikipedia...
North okay, western not really.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sugar Jackson

KO loss against Selcuk Aydin in Besiktas Cola Turka Arena, Istanbul, Turkey.

Sugar Jackson
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Photo taken in Lotto Arena, Merksem, Antwerpen, Belgium. EBU (European) welterweight title against Viktor Plotnikov(photo below).
Viktor Plotnikov

Simon Vinkenoog

Simon Vinkenoog died today.

Simon Vinkenoog
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About photo...
Photo capture date: Sunday, February 17 2008.
Place: Schouwburg 30CC, Bondgenotenlaan, Leuven.
Event: Kulturama 2008 and 'Het verdriet van België'(Hugo Claus).
Simon Vinkenoog wrote about this moment in his webstek. Webstek Simon Vinkenoog; click on 'Kersvers Archief' and go to '17 Februari 2008'.
Click on the photo to view a larger version and the Flickr keywording.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Andy Schleck

Road racing cyclist Andy Schleck, photographed in Bavikhove, Belgium. In April 2009 he won the biggest victory in his career so far in Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

Andy Schleck
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