Saturday, July 29, 2006

A draft

This blog is only a draft right now. Nevertheless the key word here is photography:
My photography! So I will post photographs I made or have made in the past.

So we'll see where it goes. 

Links will be there to other sites, blogs where you can view Annick Vanderschelden's photographs.
Some photographs are like I want them to be others are asking for feedback. So very welcome critiquewise.

Probably photo editing, managing and archiving software will be discussed.  I hope it will be some kind of tutorial for you and me.

So let us start with a picture being published at TrekLens, and at my Opera blog. Above you can view this image.
Feedback was positive on this photograph. It is one selected out of 'many' I took during a fire. Hope you enjoy it.

Underlying idea of this blog is also learning or coming into contact with computer related stuff like blogging and so. Name it a photography derivative.

Further on...for me is it also important to learn English or to ameliorate this language as it is in my opinion the computer language.

Thanks for visiting.

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